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The H-Team

August 5, 2011

“H” as in “Hawk.”

High Priority

And “Haro”!

Run Down By Haro

PoC Hawks makes for a great troop builder. I’ve acquired 3 so far, to form a special team, consisting of Hawk, Duke and Clutch.

The Run Down

The body’s skin tone is in an off shade from most other G.I. Joe figures, so it’s a bit difficult to find heads that match it properly.

The Doubt

Duke’s head matches the best, as far as skin tone, but can’t properly fit the helmet. Clutch’s skin is a bit off, but the helmet fits perfectly.

The Move In

And of course, Clutch still fancies himself a ladies man.

Pop The Clutch
I’d like to get my hands on a 4th PoC Hawk figure and make it more of a rounded team. I’d just have to figure out who’s head I’d be able to use as the 4 member of H-Team. Oh that, and I’d actually have to FIND another of these elusive figures!


Wanna Box?

March 18, 2011

My girlfriend got me a light box from This thing makes for some good figure photography, and best thing is that I didn’t have to make my own!

Status Update

White Ride

Coming For You

A Girl And A Mech

There are a few more photos from this shoot that I didn’t bother to post up here, over on my deviantART page . Hey I don’t wanna flood too many pictures on here. So check out my DA if you care to see those.

These were taken only with tools the light box came with and of course my camera (duh). Just two lamps and the light box it self. No camera flash was used. The set also came with a little tripod and some clamps that can be used to prop-up back grounds within the light box. I haven’t used those items yet. Hmm, maybe I should submit some photos to the Think Geek site as customer action shots. Hmm…

Helix and Clutch

March 7, 2011

Haven’t been updating in while. Hey I got a life too. Anyway here’s some more figure pics I took while on vacation in San Fransisco.

Right Behind You

In The Cover of Darkness

Helix On Point

These were taken  in the New People Building located in Japan Town, while waiting for AP Lucky Packs. … My girlfriend wanted one.