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The H-Team

August 5, 2011

“H” as in “Hawk.”

High Priority

And “Haro”!

Run Down By Haro

PoC Hawks makes for a great troop builder. I’ve acquired 3 so far, to form a special team, consisting of Hawk, Duke and Clutch.

The Run Down

The body’s skin tone is in an off shade from most other G.I. Joe figures, so it’s a bit difficult to find heads that match it properly.

The Doubt

Duke’s head matches the best, as far as skin tone, but can’t properly fit the helmet. Clutch’s skin is a bit off, but the helmet fits perfectly.

The Move In

And of course, Clutch still fancies himself a ladies man.

Pop The Clutch
I’d like to get my hands on a 4th PoC Hawk figure and make it more of a rounded team. I’d just have to figure out who’s head I’d be able to use as the 4 member of H-Team. Oh that, and I’d actually have to FIND another of these elusive figures!


PMX ’09 Lolita Experience

March 12, 2010

Late last year, in November, I attended Pacific Media Expo, otherwise known as PMX. It seemed that the theme for the event was “Lolita,” what with all the guests of honor and Angelic Pretty (AP) store set up there. Or maybe it just seemed that way to me, because my girlfriend dragged me to things like the lolita fashion show. Anyway here’s some video I captured from that event (Guess this post is going to mainly for the girls …).

Only caught the AP stuff, because right after, we went to their store, where my girlfriend picked up a dress featured at the show. It was the pink Milky-Fawn (Milky-Chan) jumper (Why do I know that?) and we did a little photoshoot.

AP - Pink Milky-Chan Jumper

AP - Pink Milky-Chan Jumper

AP - Pink Milky-Chan Jumper

AP - Pink Milky-Chan JumperThis next ones my favorite from the shoot.

AP - Pink Milky-Chan Jumper

AP - Pink Milky-Chan Jumper

Oh, and I also got her a giant Haro. So in the end, being exposed to all of that wasn’t so bad. I discovered that I very much like taking pictures of girls dressed in lolita. My hobby in photography has grown a little.

Check out my deviantART for more of the photos from this set.