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Fanime Is Magical

August 8, 2011

Here are a few photos taken at Fanime 2011. I haven’t had a chance to edit all of the ones I wanted to yet, but I’ve been kind of busy lately. Which is also why I haven’t posted these here earlier.

Madoka 1

Madoka 2

Madoka 3

Madoka 4

Madoka 5

Madoka 6

Madoka 7


Dan Vs. Fanime

June 1, 2011

One thing I forgot to mention in my recap video of Fanime, is that I cosplayed while there. On day 1 of the convention I debuted my Dan (from Dan Vs.) cosplay. And although only 2 people even recognized what I was wearing as a cosplay, I did get a lot of compliments on the shirt.


Dan's Scheme

Caution, Jerk

I didn’t get too many pictures (only 3), but then again I’m used to being behind the camera and not in front of it, but I did have fun. Maybe I’ll get more at Anime Expo.

Oh and photo credit goes to my girlfriend. Slightly edited by me.

Fanime 2011 Recap

June 1, 2011

A quick recap/review of my time at FanimCon 2011.

To the Toon of Link

November 11, 2010

Whoa whoa whoa! Hold up a sec. Can’t believe I almost forgot to post these up here. Could’ve sworn I have. … Eh. These were taken at FanimeCon 2010. As a long time fan of The Legend Of Zelda, my favorite video game franchise ever, I’ve always wanted to dress up as Link. I was finally able to at FanimeCon 2010.

Master Sword


Hero Of Time

Yes, that is what became of the Nerf Sword i reviewed (Here).

AX ’10 & Fanime Lolita

June 29, 2010

This weekend is AnimeExpo 2010. Expect some photos posted after the event. Maybe even some video. Until then here’s some lolita shots from FanimeCon 2010.

Milky Chan 1

Sweet Candy

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang