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The H-Team

August 5, 2011

“H” as in “Hawk.”

High Priority

And “Haro”!

Run Down By Haro

PoC Hawks makes for a great troop builder. I’ve acquired 3 so far, to form a special team, consisting of Hawk, Duke and Clutch.

The Run Down

The body’s skin tone is in an off shade from most other G.I. Joe figures, so it’s a bit difficult to find heads that match it properly.

The Doubt

Duke’s head matches the best, as far as skin tone, but can’t properly fit the helmet. Clutch’s skin is a bit off, but the helmet fits perfectly.

The Move In

And of course, Clutch still fancies himself a ladies man.

Pop The Clutch
I’d like to get my hands on a 4th PoC Hawk figure and make it more of a rounded team. I’d just have to figure out who’s head I’d be able to use as the 4 member of H-Team. Oh that, and I’d actually have to FIND another of these elusive figures!


LBC Clutch In HDR

March 7, 2011

I’ve Never really been satisfied with either ME Clutch figure. I couldn’t settle with either the 25th or the PoC versions. Which is weird because he’s dressed in green, which is my favorite color, so by default he should be one of my favorite Joe figures. But He never seemed quite right to me, but I digress. After looking at both of the figures I got to bashing (which is something I’ve taken a liking to) until I could settle on a figure I was satisfied with.

HDR Clutch

Head, Body, Gun, Helmet and Amo Bag: Double Clutch V4 (PoC)
Vest: Double Clutch V3 (25th)
Rifle and Goggles: Dusty V13 (PoC)
Back Pack: Duke V28 (Tiger Force)
Flash Light (In Amo Bag): Duke V42 (PoC Jungle)

I don’t know why I decided to do this shot in HDR. Guess it’s because I haven’t done one in a while.

Oh and I recently learned the what LBC means, in terms of action figure customs. It’s not “Long Beach City” (though I don’t know why it would be), it stands for “Lazy Bastard Custom.” which entails a custom that’s just comprised of swap parts and no additional work (ex: paint, molding). Or so that’s what I’ve come to understand.

Air Support

February 4, 2011

A single figure shot I did at the same time I shot The Last Address. Just wanted to do a photo to show my bashed Airborne.

Air Support

Head: Rollbar v3 (RoC)
Body: Shipwreck v14 (RoC)
Gear: (Jungle) Duke v42 (PoC)
Pack (Not Pictured): Rollbar v3 (RoC)
Rifle: Unknown

I just took parts I really liked from the past few waves to make a figure I think is pretty awesome. … Though I don’t think I’ve given him enough play. He’s actually in The Last Address photo. He’s just in the back, … and you can see him

The Last Address

February 4, 2011

Posted this up on the JoeDios and the ‘Tank . Also, there’s a little description that goes along with the image.

The Final Address

“Hawk addresses his troops after a 3 day battle. A small, unassuming town was taken back from Cobra. Gaining a tactical foothold against the war on terror.
Cobra Commander will not stand for defeat.
A hooded figure sits patiently, unseen in a near by building. With his perfected skill, only Zartan was able to gain entry into the town undetected.
Sniper rifle in hand, he waits for the Good General to finish his stirring speech. Why rush? This is a job to savor.”

I was attempting to create an picture that was dark in it’s tone, without use of violent imagery, over the top effects or anything like that. Just a melancholy image overall.

One man stands in the open, representing freedom and order. One sits within the shadows of a (cross-sectioned) building, in place for death and chaos. Both faceless. Both at an equal distance to the viewer. And no certain resolve for what’s to come.

I don’t think it came across quite right. At least that’s the impression I got from the comments. The photo is more or less how I pictured it in my head so in the end, I’m happy with it.

What The Hell Sunbow?

November 10, 2010

I don’t remember the original G.I. Joe cartoon all that well. I mean, I was a kid when it first originally aired and would watch it religiously. Even still, I couldn’t tell you what happens at any given episode unless I’ve seen it in the past few years. I certainly don’t remember THIS:

Chibi Joes

Chibi Joe-ettes

… Yeah, that happens.

Anyway, I really should look into getting the DVDs and re-watching the series.