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Anime Expo 2011 Haul

July 11, 2011

Here is my haul from Anime Expo this year:

AX2011 Haul

– Revoltech Assemble Borg –
– Revoltech Barrels Speeder –
– Asuka Figma –
– Chun-Li Statue –
– Little Mio & Azu-Nyan Boxed Figures –
– Persona 3 –
– A Bag of Little Super Famicoms –
– A Mystique Shirt (Not Pictured) –

I think that should about cover it. Besides, of course, the free stuff you get in the bag at badge pick up. Which includes a shirt, a Wakfu poster and a Magic The Gathering Starter Deck. My girlfriend, my friend and I each got different decks, and they were nice enough to give me theirs. So in the end I ended up with 3! I wonder just how many different types of decks there were?