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1 Year Q&A – Questions Anwered

December 29, 2010

The questions I’ve requested Here, have been answered .. um .. here!

Thanks to all those who participated!


Year of Reviews Q&A – Questions Received

November 30, 2010

Been doing reviews for a year now so I thought I’d do a Q &A. People do that, right? Feel free to submit any questions.

An Idea. An Opinion.

October 13, 2010


Think carefully about the things you believe in. The morals and ideals you feel strongest for. Would you feel just as strongly if not for the fact that they are popular ideals? Could you say that you would stand up for those beliefs if you stood alone on them?

Likewise, if someone were to stand for an idea that you don’t fully agree with, could you look upon them with bias, and for one second consider them for how they perceive  the world. If you could, would you do it without feeling that you have compromised your integrity and know that their opinions are equal to your own? Held only by word and ones personal comprehension of those words

It’s human nature to go along with the popular idea, but there will always be a variable in that idea that will go against the grain of society. Some will speak louder than others, yet most won’t be heard. Not truly anyway.

Even now as I type this, as  you read this, your perception of this message is being directly molded by your own personal experiences and opinions. If I were to use specific instances in which to illustrate my point, it would only serve to try and manipulate your perception of the overall idea of these words.

Could you stand for your beliefs if it meant standing alone in them? Would you truly hear out those that don’t fully agree with you? Would it matter?

Just something to think about.


December 9, 2009

Where to begin? … I have accounts on various sites, and as such I seem to have some things spread around. I really don’t like clutter (maybe OCD..?). I thought that creating a blog would be a good way to condense everything onto one localized spot on the net. I’m not a writer, a journalist or anything of the sort, so I apologize in advance for my inevitable shotty writing, but I’ll try my best to remain cogent and articulate with my wordsmithing, but I can say this; My writing (typing..?) will be done in the same manner as my personal vernacular to keep things a bit less formal.

Let me tell you about my hobbies. I enjoy painting, sketching, digital art (pretty much visual art); I enjoy reading (sparingly); Cosplay (when I have time); Love listening to music of many genres on various mediums; Watch anime as well as different animated … cartoon (drawn, cgi, claymation, stopmotion, etc.); I also like watching internet video reviewers and have started an internet review/blog; One biggest, and oldest, hobbie may be toy collecting; Another of my big hobbies is photography, and have found I very much enjoy photographing lolitas, toys and cosplayers (it sort of compliments my other hobbies).

And why am I doing this? Well like I send, I hate clutter, also I get bored. Not only will I be using this site as a condenser for all my stuff spread around the net, but also talk about things of personal interest, like news, links to sites and other things on my mind. I’ll try to to go off on tangents, .. oh and I’ll try to keep things organized. Pretty much, if you’re interested in any of the hobbies I’ve listed, then you may find this blog … erm interesting.

Think I’ll continue with catching this blog up with past items.