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Woody And Buzz: The Expanded Universe!

May 26, 2010

So Disney has a Toy Story Comic Creator over on their site. You can choose form different backgrounds, a bunch of familiar characters from Toy Story in different poses, and even create your own word bubbles. With a little imagination and some inspiration, you can come up with some pretty fun stuff.

Back the the Toy Story?Toy Story Back to Toy Story

Jurassic Toy Story

Jurassic Toy Story

Hah! Just something to kill time, but it’s fun.


Lethe Cosplay Photo Shoot

May 20, 2010

Here are photos from another set I shot at the SoCal Cosplay Gathering. This time it’s Vash_Fanatic cosplaying as Lethe, from Fire Emblem. I wanna say I’ve played that game, but I’m pretty sure I only looked at the game box at the store. That’s the same. Right?

Lethe 02

Lethe 07

Lethe 08

You can view the whole set on my deviantART account.


I wanted to upload the set to my Flickr, but I guess I reached my upload limit for the month. Did you know there was an monthly upload limit for Flickr? I didn’t.

Alas, poor Iron Man! I knew him, Horatio

May 19, 2010

I’ve been wondering: Are the days of the 6 inch figure coming to an end? I know there are some companies still making 6 inch action figures, but it seems like less and less figures are being made in this scale.

This issue, to me, seems more prevalent when companies do things like make 6 inch figures exclusive to one chain of stores. I’m talking, of course, about the new Walmart Exclusive 6 inch Iron Man 2 figures.

When I first heard about these, I was pretty stoked. But after a weekend of visiting 6 different Walmarts and coming up empty, my stokedness (not a word) slowly turned to disappointment. I don’t know what was worse; seeing stores with no pegs for the 6 inch Iron Men or seeing empy pegs. I’m still keeping my eye out, but at this point, my hopes are low.

I remember thinking, in the past, that all companies should chose a universal scale and stick to it. When it seemed that most had chosen 3 3/4″, I was ok by this. It meant more figures can be used with each other, and the smaller size meant you could have more without taking up too much space.

I like the smaller figures, but I already miss the size and detail that come along with the “bigger” toys. I quote “bigger,” because as a long time collector, 6 inch scale should be the norm.

Toy companies, can you please start making figures in 6 inch scale, regularly, again?

A Fellow Of Infinite Jest

Star Trek 12″ Sulu Review

May 19, 2010

Another past toy review.

The figure itself is ‘”eh” but I had fun doing the review. And besides, where else can I get a figure of Harold from Harold and Kumar?

Yuffie Cosplay Photo Shoot

May 14, 2010

Here are a few photos for a photo shoot I did at the SoCal Cosplay Gathering. It’s altantisan cosplaying as Yuffie from Dirge Of Cerberus. I’ve only played Final Fantasy VII (of the FF7 games), so I’m not too familiar with this look for Yuffie, but looks good.

Yuffie 1

Yuffie 4

Yuffie 7

All of this sent can be viewed at my deviantART page:


Or my newly created Flickr page:

My Flickr page.

In related news; I recently decided to create a Flickr account! All the cool kids have one.. Also, I still have a couple other shoots to go through, from that day. I’ll get those up later.