K-On! Mio By Azone Review

I haven’t bought a 1/6 figure in a while, but when I found out Azone International was making figures from one of my favorite animes, K-On!, I had to pick up my favorite from the group.

Meet Mio

"Hi, I'm Mio."

She’s lacking in some articulation, which is comprised mainly of slit joints at her shoulders, biceps, elbows, wrists, waist and thigh. Her neck and ankles are on ball joints and her pelvic area and knees are on hinges. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get her into some nice poses.

"Sit with me."

One gripe I have is, on mine, her shoulders seem to pop off too easily when posing.

Her likeness is really great, and is what made me want to get her.

Just Mio

Although, because of the standard body mold they use, her bust is a bit lacking when compared to her on screen counter part. But over all that’s not a big deal.

She comes with few accessories including a sweater-vest for a summer uniform (not pictured), a bunch of hands (I’ve yet to count them.) and cat ears!


Her signature lefty Fender bass is probably her best accessory. It’s highly detailed and even has strings!

Rock On!

Well that’s all for now. Say bye.


(Heh. It was kinda hard to get that shot without compromising Mio’s decency.)

All of her clothes are done very well. Her blazer closes in front via one button on top and a hook bellow. Her shirt is velcroed in front, and her vest velcros in back. Her socks stay up well with the elastic and her shoes are nicely molded. The skirt she’s wearing has a button in the back, and in case you were wondering, she is wearing her signature blue and white stripped pantsu underneath.

Another gripe I have is that her hair seems to fall out a bit too easily for my taste. While just minorly handling her hair, a few strands have fallen out. I don’t know if that’s a common thing, because I’ve never owned an Azone figure before, but when you spend the kind of money Mio goes for on a figure, any problem is a big problem. It’s not noticeable now but who knows how it will look a few years from now. Needless to say, she’ll be spending most of her time in her box, and when she comes out I’ll be treating her with extra special care. Hey at close to $160, she’s not cheep.

Mio from K-On!

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  1. blessmarie santiago Says:

    i ;love animae

  2. blessmarie santiago Says:

    oh my gosh!

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